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Staff and Contractors


Staff  Bios

Joe D. McFee
Joe D. McFee is the President and Sole Stockholder of Xigency Studios Inc.. Joe is creator of  Amazonia and AWF comic books series. He currently writes, pencils, inks and color the Amazonia comic series and only writes AWF starting from issue #2. He is gearing up to introduce two more comic book series scheduled for later on in 2011.
Kimberly Moseberry

Kimberly is a fellow artist who is contracted to work on the AWF comic book series. She does the penciling and inking for AWF starting from issue # 2. Her work is very good and she is known to produce great commission art pieces. She is currently working on a few comic book series of her own which will be featured here soon.



La'Drissa Bonivel
La’Drissa Bonivel is the founder and CEO of Loyal Body Inc.
She is a renowned Yoga Instructor, Certified Personal Trainer, Clinical Esthetician, creator and director of “Yoga Flow” DVD, motivational speaker, national fitness competitor and fitness model.
She is also portrays a comic book Super Hero, Diva Gold from AWF, for Xigency Studios Inc. as well as Prodigy for Strictly Underground Comics.

Adrian Adams 

Adrian is the founder of Irie-Manga Studios. He is an experienced Manga artist who also works in video. He is known for several of Anime Music videos on YouTube and won awards and had his work featured at several convention. He is still looking for his big break into the Manga/Comic industry.  In all honesty, there would not have been a Xigency Studios Inc. now if it wasn't for Adrian Adams. He is one of the driving forces on how we produces our comics today. Adrian is currently under a work for hire contract to do poster and cover art for the Amazonia Comic Book Series.


Terry Huddleston

Terry is currently contracted by Xigency Studios in to do cover artwork for Amazonia issues # 2 - 4 and poster/trading Card artwork for AWF. He is better known for his work with Big Bang Comics and his commission art work of Marvel and DC Characters.  




Greg Horn

Greg is currently contracted by Xigency Studios Inc. to do cover art work for AWF comic book series. You can see his work on the exclusive cover of AWF #3 for Wizard World Chicago 2010 and the upcoming cover of AWF #5 due this year.  He is a well known artist who has done several covers for Marvel and DC Comics. It is an honor just to have him working on this cover.