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Primetime Saturday Night




The first spin-off of the AWF comic book series, Primetime Saturday Night is the next premiere comic book from Xigency Studios, Inc.

What is the comic book series about?

Primetime Saturday Night is the weekly televised pro wrestling program mentioned in the AWF comics. It will be on a WWE type format and will have some of the best storylines that parallels to the behind the scense in the parent book of AWF. This is the long awaited comic series that wrestling fans have been waiting for since the beginning of AWF.




Why is it now 3D rendered as opposed to hand drawn?

It was determined that it would be easier for the creator of Primetime Saturday Night to render the series in DAZ Studio than to hire more artist to illustrate the issue. This was done due to time constraints and financial concerns with hiring artists who may not be up to the task for this wonderful project.

Even though the series is 3D rendered, It will not stop the production of hand drawn prints and promo work for the series.





Still not sold on the series? 

Read pages from the actual issues! Click on the issue number below and start reading the free preview. You will be given the option to buy if you like what you read.

Available Issues:  1

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