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Press Releases and Other Related Media

November 1, 2013 --- Joe D. McFee's interview on Genesis Science Fiction Radio

June 10, 2013 --- Xigency Studios offers Digital Versions of their comics on Comixology

Xigency Studios Inc Press Release for Comixology.pdf


May 3, 2013 --- Xigency Studios offers Digital Versions of their comics on

Xigency Studios Inc Press Release for rhovit dot com.pdf


October 8, 2012 --- Xigency Studios Inc. annouces the signing of a licensing agreement for a new product line called "Indie Wear"

Xigency Studios Inc Press Release for Indie wear.pdf




August 3, 2012 --- Xigency Studios Inc. annouces the official release date for AWF: Primetime Saturday Night.

Xigency Studios Inc Press Release for Primetime  Saturday Night.pdf



July 24, 2012 --- Xigency Studios Inc. annouces a price drop for digital verisons of their comics.

Xigency Studios Inc Press Release for Digital Online Store.pdf



July 21, 2012 --- Joe D. McFee, featured creator and publisher, on




July 13, 2012 --- B.C. Dixon interview with Dr. Chilly Paws

June 25, 2012 --- Kimberly Moseberry, featured artist interview, on



June 23, 2012 --- Xigency Studios Inc applies for grant

Xigency Studios Inc is participating in Chase's Mission: Small Business Grant Campaign. We need 250 + votes to be considered for a Grant for $250K to expand our company through hiring more staff and promoting our product across the country. We ask that if you could take some time out of your schedule to show your support for our company and products by voting for Xigency Studios Inc. Just search for Xigency Studios and vote at the link below. Thanks for your support as we try to bring more comics and novels.


May 12, 2012 ---- G4TV Attack of the Show Coverage of C2E2 2012

Even though the interview did not make it to air, our comics and novels did make the final cut of the Viewer's Army coverage of C2E2 2012 for the Attack of the Show on G4TV. Our books got less than 2 sec of air time. But it is nice to see them in a National broadcast and on the Web.

Our Comic and Novels appear about :28 seconds into the coverage.



April 11, 2012 --- Joe D. McFee Interview with Rod Jenkins on his show LIP SERVICE

You can listen or download the podcast of this interview at


October 8, 2011 --- B.C. Dixon's Black Dragon No. 8 to be published by Xigency Studios Inc.

XigencyStudios Inc. releases the following press releases on B.C. Dixon's Black Dragon No. 8. 



July 6, 2011 --- Hiring Grant Program Sponsored By Intuit.

Xigency Studios Inc. asks that you help us bring you more of your favorite comics by voting for us in this grant program sponsored by Intuit. Click on the banner to vote:




May 3, 2011 --- Nerdgasm Noire Network Webcast Interview

The lovely women at Nerdgasm Noire Network interviewed Joe D. McFee about Xigency Studios Inc. and Minorities in Comics. In this interview was a very rousing conversation about why he is Anti-Batman and Anti-Superman which made for some entertaining moments.

March 26, 2011 -- Interview at C2E2 2011


The fine people at invterview that feature us as one of the Chicago based comic publishers in attendance. Segment is call Chicago Based Comics

See the video here at


March 19, 2011 -- Podcast Interview (Independent Road with Peter Palmiotti) 
Participants in podcast were  Joe D. McFee, Kimberly Moseberry, Adrian Adams, and Jennifer Peacock.

January 11, 2011--Chicago, IL

Xigency Studios Inc. announces comics and related merchadise to be featured on Black Shopping Channel 

December 3, 2010 --- Stevens Point, WI (That Guy with the Glasses -- Artist Alley interview durning Daisho Con 2010 in November)


At the 8:18 mark, you will see the Adrian Adams interview

At the 11:35 mark, you will see the Joe D. McFee interview