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Creative Thought Through Comic Book Media

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Primetime Saturday Night



The Premiere Comic Book Created By Kimberly Moseberry.


What is this comic about?


For years, the world was freud by war to the point of near extinction for everything including the human race. The world was barely recovering and those with enough power and riches took to the skies building cities above the waste lands below.


50 years later, Brook and James, two new world agents, find themselves trying to solve a murder among the upper class.


Everything is against them including the people they are trying to help.


Enigma is a post apocalyptic thriller that will leave you wondering if anyone is safe in the broken world they now live in.



Still not sold on the series? 
Read pages from the actual issues! Click on the issue number below and start reading the free preview. You will be given the option to buy if you like what you read.

Available Issues:  1