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Primetime Saturday Night


Amazonia is the first comic book series that was developed by
Joe D. McFee for Xigency Studios, Inc..
What is the comic book series about?
Elisa Masters (aka E), a member of LLD, comes back of her hometown to settle down after a long tour of duty from the LLD under the command of Jonathan Mason (aka Silverbolt). She returns to find nothing really changed in hometown except for her. As arranged, Elisa Masters returns to become a defender of the people as a city cop. But due to her stature, she was placed on the Angel Falls SWAT team. Shortly after her homecoming, she adopts a new handle as "Amazonia" as she fights crime, learns more about her unique family heritage, and strives for a "normal" life in Angel Falls, Iowa.
Series History: 
Amazonia: The Continue Adventures of E is a spin-off title from an unpublished comic book series called LLD: Last Line of Defense. Elisa Masters, the main character in Amazonia, was a member of MAG-7, a military force control by a Federal agency which is unknown to most people and has more authority than the FBI, CIA and the Armed Forces. The  Amazonia comic series will reference items and people from the LLD comic series from time to time. 
Still not sold on the series?
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Available Issues:
1, 23
Find out more information about Amazonia characters:
Here is a quick list and description of Characters in the comic series