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Primetime Saturday Night


Trailer was produced by Deno Conerly of Guerilla Grafix for C2E2 2011 Convention.




Inspired by the Marvel Comics Group team of female wrestlers called The Grapplers, AWF (AKA Amazon Wrestling Federation) is the second comic series from Xigency Studios, Inc.


What is the comic book series about?

AWF is about a failing women's wrestling federation which was won in a poker game by a college student by the name of Steven Oh. The unique thing about this organization is that all the wrestlers do not know that they have super power or realize the extent of their strength,endurance, etc..


Furthermore, there is another secret about the organization. No one associated with this wrestling federation is aware that they are really a part of a government covert team. All they know is that one a manila envelope is received that they have something special to do which bring more money to them and the federation.


Still not sold on the series? 
Read pages from the actual issues! Click on the issue number below and start reading the free preview. You will be given the option to buy if you like what you read.

Available Issues:  1, 2, 3,

Curious about the AWF Roster and Characters in this and AWF series? 
Browse the roster for yourself using this link:  Current AWF Roster